June 27, 2010

The Original Singapore Chicken Rice Cubao

We tried The Original Singapore Chicken Rice in Cubao before Juanes left for Thailand. We were heading to Mogwai at CubaoX that night but decided to stop by here to have dinner.

Alba Restaurante Español Makati

Last June 23, the bi-eep had his 24th birthday and we went to Alba Polaris to celebrate and indulge in our common favorite -- PAELLA! (Haha. You probably got tired of reading paella over and over again on my posts.) :P

The first time we went to Alba, it was unfortunate that we didn't have our cameras with us. Though cameraless or not, the food at Alba never fails.

June 24, 2010

Bloggers Night at O'sonho, Eastwood

Last June 21, we joined the Bloggers Night that was coordinated by Sir Azrael at O'sonho restaurant in Eastwood City. It was our first time to join such gathering of bloggers (food bloggers, mostly), it still felt a little weary because you're around these people who have been doing it altogether for a while and you're the new ones in the group -- everyone knows the feeling of being the newcomer in class. We really had a good time though, and yeah, a very full stomach.

O'sonho means 'the dreams' in Portuguese. Hence the tag, taste the dream!

June 13, 2010

Qizia Cafe

Last weekend, after a cramming photo session for my class assignment, we headed out to try Qizia (read as kisha) Cafe in Concepcion Dos, Marikina. The place was quietly situated behind a hospital and has this cozy feeling by the moment you saw it. It's a nice place to hang out with friends and grab a hefty meal.

The place wasn't crowded when we arrived so that was a good thing since we were both hungry and need our fix of food soon. I was quite surprised seeing their menu, it has a lot of pasta choices and sweet treats, and the prices were alright.

We both had Seafood Chowder, he ordered for the cheese logs (I forgot the name) and Carbonara while I had the Butterflied Shrimps and botomless iced tea. Our order amounted around 600+ which was satisfying already for 2 persons. I would've had desert if only there was room left in my system. I was too full already. :D

The Seafood Chowder (P45) was tasty and it was generous on the seafood bits such as small shrimps and squid thus giving the creamy soup some texture which was appetizing.

The cheese logs were filled with cheesy goodness! I love cheese so much that I developed migraine from and this one definitely satisfied me, only that it the cheese inside inside was a bit too dry already maybe because of the frying or it was just me. It was also served with a pasta/pizza tomato sauce. I understand how the tomato sauce goes with mozzarella cheese on pizzas and pastas but this time, I wasn't really too much into the sauce, I guess it tasted too herb-y for me.

I had a taste of the Carbonara and the sauce was really creamy.

O HAI chinese-looking bi-eep. :))

The Butterflied Shrimps deserved a 'whoa-reaction, four pieces of shrimps sauteed in garlic and herbs topped with garlic and mango. It was really flavorful although my taste buds was starting to get picky with the herbs because it almost overpowered the shrimp.

Overall, the food was good. I would love to go back and try their deserts but on a note, their service needs improvement. Hopefully by next time they'd prepare and serve the food faster.
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